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Sales CRM - HubSpot

Why I'm Down With HubSpot

Nevermind that I went to the same MBA program as the founders (MIT Sloan), or that I tried to sell my first business to them. They're a great company that makes a great product, and that's honestly pretty unique in this world.

I use the HubSpot CRM for Toofr and I love it. I use the meetings link, I use the chat feature, and I track every customer interaction using their Gmail plugin. I endorse HubSpot because I too am a customer!

Sales Automation - Growlabs

What's Cool About Growlabs

I met their CEO, Ben, through a mutual friend. There are a lot of these companies out there. It's a competitive space. The thing that stands out though is a commitment to quality and leveraging the latest and greatest technology (artificial intelligence in this case.)

Although I'm not a Growlabs customer I was sincerely impressed by Ben's pitch. Plus, he's offering 250 free leads to the Toofr community. Sign up while they last!

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Toofr Is The Preferred Email Finder For Thousands Of Companies

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Toofr has changed the game for our outreach program. It's truly an amazing and essential tool that should be a part of any modern sales and/or marketing stack.
Zack onisko
Zack Onisko
VP of Growth at Hired

I recommend toofr to any sales and marketing organization looking to enhance their contact data.
Brendan flanigan
Brendan Flanigan
Founder & CEO at SmarkLabs
We use Toofr to programmatically discover thousands of email addresses. Our sales team also uses it every day to speed up their prospecting process. Thanks Ryan and the Toofr team!
Vitaly levit
Vitaly Levit
Growth Architect at 1-Page
Toofr is a MUST HAVE for any business development or sales person's arsenal. It helps me connect with the people I'm trying to reach. I highly recommend it!
Scott britton
Scott Britton
Business Development at SinglePlatform
Toofr lowers my bounce rate and saves my outsourcers tons of time. It's my sales secret weapon.
Max altschuler
Max Altschuler
Founder & CEO at
Toofr saves us between 30 and 40 hours of manual research every week depending on the number of people we are researching (normally about 1,000 per week). Bottom line: Toofr is a great value for the service it provides, highly recommended.
Kyle coleman
Kyle Coleman
Business Development at Looker

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