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How it Works | Sign Up Free

  • Access to Anyone

    Toofr figures out business email addresses using only the first and last names, and the website domain. Learn more!

  • Awesome Inexpensive Leadgen

    Some places charge $1 or more for an email address. Using Toofr, it costs you only pennies! Learn more!

  • More Sales in Less Time

    Lower that bounce rate and save time, energy, and money prospecting, so you can get back to making sales. Learn more!

  • Find Any Email Address

    Toofr will automatically search social media profiles and test email server responses for 17 different email patterns.

  • Get Company Information

    If we have information on a domain available, we'll return relevant data including the number of indexed pages, industry, and size.

Testimonials | Sign Up Free

  • Max A.

    VP of BD @ AttorneyFee

    Toofr lowers my bounce rate and saves my outsourcers tons of time. It's my sales secret weapon.

  • Scott B.

    BD @ SinglePlatform

    Toofr is a MUST HAVE for any business development or sales person's arsenal. It helps me connect with the people I'm trying to reach. I highly recommend it!

  • Matt E.

    VP of Growth @ Storefront

    We found Toofr and our lead pipeline will never be the same.

  • Ryan B.

    COO @ Scripted

    I think we owe our Series A to Toofr. There was no better way to build email lists and show proof of concept in every industry with every sized business.

Pricing | Sign Up Free


$20 month

  • 100 queries/mo
  • Email tests included
  • API access
  • No import or export
  • Cancel any time


$100 month

  • 1,000 queries/mo
  • Email tests included
  • Domain data included
  • API access
  • Bulk import and export
  • Cancel any time


Contact us

  • Unlimited queries/mo
  • Email tests included
  • Domain data included
  • API access
  • Bulk import and export
  • Multiple logins
  • Cancel any time
  • Why Pay? Here's Why.

    The best way to use Toofr is to run batches with our Import tool that's available only on our paid plans. Why search one a time when you can upload a CSV file instead?

  • Can I Cancel?

    Anytime, anywhere, straight from within the app. We make as easy to cancel as it is to sign up.

Don't want to pay?

You can get started with 15 queries per month and most of the features above. Our free account is great for occassional querying.

Want unlimited access?

Let's talk enterprise. If you need to query more than 1,000 domains per month or faster record processing, we can help.

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Let's Start Selling

Please fill out the contact form provided for any questions, comments, feedback, or inquiries regarding Toofr. We will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would like to find out about an enterprise solution for your company, please email

Toofr LLC
90 Alhambra Street Suite 302
San Francisco, CA 94103
P: 213.373.1994
Toofr LLC
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